Air Conditioning

Simple Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit In Top Condition

Any air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance. Overlooking this aspect will not only alter the cooling efficiency of the unit but will also result in enhanced electricity consumption. Though more often than not, several people take upon the task of cleaning the air conditioner upon themselves, but only professionals can do the best job here. Let us look at the factors that make hiring professional air conditioner maintenance services important. Please visit our site for more information on air conditioning maintenance routines.
· Cleaning the filters – The filter of the air conditioner requires regular and frequent cleaning. Dirty filters not only block the normal airflow but also results in making the dirty air travel to the evaporating coil, thus altering its heat absorbing capacity. In several air conditioners, the filters are reused while in others they are to be replaced.
· Coils: The coils in the air conditioners are prone to collect dust and dirt over the years of usage. Dirty coils result in blocked air flow and lower its ability to absorb heat. This, in turn, decreases the cooling efficiency of the units considerably. Though anybody can check whether or not dirt is collecting in the coils, only professional air condition maintenance services can clean them impeccably. In addition to coils, coil fins, condensate drain and window seals require cleaning up.
· Making winter-ready: Air conditioners need to be adequately covered for winters when they will not be used, to help mitigate the collection of dirt.

Though people can clean the air conditioners by themselves but it makes sense to hire professional services for the maintenance; air conditioners being expensive units. Any error while cleaning up may cost you high. That apart, those trying to clean these units may not have necessary tools and the parts that need to be replaced. Few tasks only trained professionals can accomplish in this regard, and these include the following, in addition to points mentioned above:

Checking for ideal refrigerants quantities.
Checking for refrigerants leaks.
Checking for seal duct leakage.
Maintaining air flow via the evaporator coils.
Ensuring both the heating and the cooling system work optimally.
Inspecting the electrical terminals and tightening any loose ends.
Checking the thermostat and oil motors.

It is but evident that laymen cannot perform all such tasks, and only professional air conditioning maintenance services can do a good job here.


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